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Val's God-given gift of motivating and inspiring others was apparent from a very young age. Today, her ability to immediately connect with people regardless of the setting or topic is amazing, as is her manner of influencing others using a perfect balance of faith, wisdom and humor. Whether through a keynote speech, church event, training or group coaching session, Val leaves her audiences inspired and motivated to succeed!

Driven by the Drama: When You're DONE with the Drama and DRIVEN toward divine purpose!

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  • Increase your Discipline

  • Improve Your Relationships

  • Sharpen your Attitude

  • Maintain your Motivation

  • Activate your Action Plan

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The High Performing Church

Virtual Workshops available Too!

Five-page booklet on knowing        

the importance of:


  • Having a Solid Vision/Mission

  • Aligning Goals to Mission

  • Defining Roles in the Church

  • Documenting Clear Processes

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Available for

workshops *Conferences *retreats * group coaching