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 It may sound crazy but believe it or not most of your communication issues as a couple are due to one main reason...

The two of you simply communicate differently!


You will be AMAZED at how quickly your communication will improve just by learning more about your individual communication styles and how to flex in order to hear and understand each other better.


Virtual Coaching Session 1 (one hour):

Val walks you through a simple assessment of each personal communication style.

You'll then identify the strengths and challenges associated with each style, and learn practical strategies to apply to immediately boost your communication.


Virtual Coaching Session 2 (one hour):

You'll meet with Val again to discuss your progress, reinforce strategies and create a game plan to continue to grow and communicate better together.


Call 704 724-3017 to schedule your Virtual Session NOW!


Only $199

$50 Non-Refundable Deposit Required

Balance of $149 due at 1st Coaching Session

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