How Can I Help You?

Workshops - Faith-Based or Generic


Workshops are fun, interactive and created to promote higher spiritual growth and results-driven outcomes based on your goals. Some of the more popular topics include: 

The High Performing Church (Faith-based only)

Embrace your Passion, Discover your Purpose, Unleash your Potential!

Building Your Brand!

It's your season to GROW!

Thriving through Change

Dealing with Your Drama!

All faith-based workshops are built upon a central biblical theme or specific scripture.

Conference/Retreat/Keynote Speaker/Sermons


All conference, keynote, retreat and sermon speaking content is focused on overcoming obstacles that get in the way of success. Faith-based content is centered around biblical truth, your event theme and expected outcomes. Whether your event is intimate or mega-size, the audience will be left inspired and motivated to action.

Group Coaching


Group coaching is the best because we all help each other to learn and grow. Whether you form your own group of friends (or couples) or whether you apply and are selected for one of Val's monthly coaching groups, you are destined for a journey where God's purpose, your dreams, and desired goals intersect!